Five Lessons Modern Guitarists Can Learn From 19th-Century Guitar Methods

This is a guest post by Daniel Nistico. Daniel is a passionate performer, teacher, and pedagogue who specializes in the performance practice of guitar music from the 18th and 19th centuries. His aim in teaching and research is to revitalize the concept of being a well-rounded musician. He emphasizes deeper interpretive understanding and tools for composing and improvising. Daniel has performed around the world, both as a soloist and in Duo Vela, with his wife and flute partner Marla Nistico. Daniel’s goal through performance is to spread greater awareness of the scope and expressive power of which the guitar is capable.

Many guitarists might be wondering if there’s any benefit to studying 19th-century guitar methods. Aren’t there plenty of modern method books?  Yes, there are great modern guitar methods, but none of them will take you into the mind of a 19th-century guitarist.

Studying 19th-century methods can dramatically deepen your understanding of the music of Sor, Giuliani, Carulli, and Carcassi, and make playing their music more fun!

Here are five lessons you can learn from 19th-century guitar methods:

How To Skyrocket the Number of Wedding Gigs You Get

This is a guest post by Jennifer McCoy Blaske. She has been been playing the piano for weddings throughout the Atlanta area since 2009. A former public school music teacher, she currently home schools two of her three children. Jennifer is the author of two books about her musical career: Giggin’ for a Livin’ and Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom, which she continues to insist is fiction.

How do you skyrocket the number of wedding gigs you get? Playing for weddings is a great way for musicians to make some extra money. Not only does it pays well — much better than, say, a restaurant gig — but it’s a lot of fun and takes you to some really interesting and beautiful places.

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